Choti Sardarni

Colors’ Choti Sarrdaarni, produced by Cockcrow Productions and Shaika Films, has been highly appreciated by the masses from the time of its launch. In a short span of time, the show is already ranking in top 10 shows.

The USP of the show is the unique storyline and the stellar cast, who put up a great show each time. Viewers are always inquisitive to know about the upcoming plot.

So here you go!

In the coming episodes, little Param will be happy that Meher is taking care of him and that has a mother’s love. However, seeing Meher and Param’s growing bond will leave Sarabjeet worried as he thinks that Meher will leave him and his family soon.

Hence, he will then approach Meher and ask her to maintain distance from Param, as he thinks that Param will get attached to her and that it will later get difficult for him to survive without her.